Man of Manifestation

Man of Manifestation: Christopher Macor

If you find yourself saying, “Oh, there go the angels, square dancing again, and making such a ruckus!” then someone nearby just might have Christopher Macor in his playlist.

Part tribal rite, part homeopathy, part incandescent fire of manifestation, Macor’s music keeps you guessing while tapping your happy toes. His long fingers tumble over the frets with an unpredictable tribute to jazz, rock, and funk while belting out lyrics that float and land like elegant thought bubbles. Compared to David Byrne, Elvis Costello, and the painter M.C. Escher, Macor fuses soaring intellect with the magic of matter.

“My music comes through my cells, through the center of my body,” he said. And while what he shares always hails some core spiritual truth, it’s anything but preachy. Instead, his music feels fun, humor-filled, and slightly celestial.

“I just love him,” said longtime fan John Brewer. “He could make the color brown sound good.”

Before picking up his first guitar at 13, Macor discovered he could distill abstract concepts into visual art. The creative’s love of combining disparate objects infuses his music and pervades his music videos, where he harnesses visual images with original and pre-recorded sounds to create what he calls “sound collages.”

The musician-songwriter teaches guitar ( and creates original song videos ( His clients include businesses looking to market their services and people seeking a unique once-in-a-lifetime gift to propose or celebrate a wedding or anniversary.

Macor, who also trained and worked for a decade as a Montessori educator, helps friends, students, and fellow musicians manifest their dreams by applying his expertise in several schools of manifestation. As with Montessori, his teachings employ various senses, and he takes each audience member and student’s individual’s lens in mind, aiming to craft a tailored experience just for them.

One receives his songs as if a friendly stranger were whooping helpful hints across the surf.

~Sara Wright