33 Year Journey


It`s taken a “Jesus Life” to culminate a state of integration that was hinted at 33 years ago. I had gone to a Vipassana Meditation Retreat straight out of graduating from a  9 month certificate program at Naropa Institute. The retreat taught sensation as a practice and I immediately tried to integrate it with respiration. They didn`t go together, or they pointed to a state of being that was far too scary for me at the time. I did a dance of advancing and retreating for years, trying to own the pure Masculine and Feminine in myself and the resulting united state of mastery.

Lo and behold, I feel I have arrived at the culmination of this 33 year journey! Along the way, I found the way, that is, I came to know and apply the cycle of manifestation, the path of evolution, the way things come into being and the steps necessary for a new development to truly take hold and be “useful” to more life than just my own.

These songs represent that journey, in fact, each set follows this “hero`s journey” of transformation and takes the listener on this path of living the

Art of Truth.

Christopher Macor

warmand happy