True Life


What do you see
Is this what you believe
Is this what you conceive as your true life?

What`s your best scenario
Who`s on your own TV show
How do the headlines read in your own true life
If you could only see the truth
That you are God`s own living proof
There`d be no need to argue for a true life

Life that says yes to the worst and the best
And still all of the rest is a true life
Life that acts straight and clean
Life that says what it means
And let`s you on the team of true life

Life that slips in the holes
Where no one really wants to go
But where the star of the show is

Hiding with all of what she doesn`t want to know
Make room for darkness in true life

What you see is what you get
We`re leaving on the very next jet
Flying to a place that we call true life
You`ve bought your ticket, pack your bags
Your leaving all you think you had
Arriving only with the truth of your life
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