The Act of Creation


In the act of creation all awareness is born
With the breath giving life at the dawn of this morning
A soft pulsing rhythm is to what we adhere
She will clothe us in joy and make sacred our tears
In our hearts we will gather all the balance we need
And distribute the love of this essential seed
As we step through the kingdom we define what we know
We`re the architects building a splendid rainbow

Come to earth, step forward into power
Electricity is rumbling the ground
Join Heaven and Earth
Fusion an act of love

Spiraling inward, ecstatic bliss, tumbling outward, the space is limitless

Foundation of forgiveness
Unties the knots and faces
The fear that defines who we`re not
Comes out of hidden places

Anger`s the way the wheel comes around, comes around, comes around,
Grief for the loss as we discover what`s been found

Surrender is what we must inevitably be
Death is the root of this glorious tree

Interior landscape, we eat with our eyes
To hang on the edge is our only true crime

When we have projected, the tower will fall
The star in our hands is the light in us all
The moon is support and the sun is the heat
From the aerial judgment our world is complete

We can merge with creation for the actor is known
To be all and to be nothing is all we need to know

And with this we shall grow

 TingZen 2011