Self Love


What breath is not enough?
What life has gotten stuck?
What love is beaten down?
What gift taken for granted?
What devotion never chanted?
For fear of something you can`t explain
What substance given abuse?
What belief became a noose?
It`s crying out in you (x)

Do you dare to taste the rain?
Is there something remaining to be done?
She carried your heart away
She married your will to live
Then she jumped off of a bridge (x)

Are you lying at the bottom of the sea waiting to gasp for air?
Is the darkness more alluring than the pain of really caring?
Your demons are your gift (x)

Is it really time to throw it all away?
One person fights for life
Another drifts away
Is it your check out time or do you have some more to say?
Is it your destiny or do you have control? Do you have control? Have you asked, have you asked, have you asked your soul?
It`s why you came here
To give all that you have to give
Pain and pleasure are not the measure
The yardstick that`s within could care less about your sins (x)

 TingZen 2012