Firing Squad

Firing Squad
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I am the moondrop of my tear as I go missing looking for you

You called attention to the darkness that suicide brings

I had to share my judgment as it poured out from this spring

As I was asked to forgive this is what I came to know

Everything is usable

You gave your life so we could know

The feelings I can`t rectify

They tear across my chest

I am a ruthless sales man

I `m the friend who`ll never rest

Until your deep transition is guided by my best

I will not simply send you off with love like all the rest

What is this truth that violation brings?

What is the deeper purpose your choice has caused creation to sing?

Do I mistrust love or is a lesson underfoot?

What is the message that is hidden in this book?

Everything is musical


Subtle self abuse

We perpetrate in every moment

Oblivious to how we`re noosed

It`s only when it`s magnified self hatred is revealed

We`re all before the firing squad

Welcoming death

Refusing to feel

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