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Do you think you can escape from the hurt?

If you close the door on life will you be free of it?

What follows you into the choice that you have made?

What are you left with, are you gone, are you done?

Unmet experience is knocking at the door.

Don`t want to listen it keeps knocking and there`s more

Is there a way to turn off the switch of pain?

Or do we get what we deserve despite how it’s framed

Went off your meds decided to be free

Met life unfiltered it turned out to be

More than you could hold

What was left was just a shell

Decided you could not withstand your own private hell

So you walked in to the cold

On a day before it snowed

On a day when every body else was celebrating love

You drove your car up to a lake

The shape of a mistake

You wrote a note and left the world with what you could not take

Naomi, where have you gone?

Who will sing your song?


Trapped in what you tried to leave

Are you free as we still grieve

would you believe

that what you left behind is really the key

Are you lonely in the snow?

Have you come to find your soul?

Is your anger what you`ve come to know?

The door chosen is it a hole?

And is this hole what you now must come to know?

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